Monday, 25 June 2012

You read the glossy brochures and you see the boats at the shows. But when it’s pouring with rain and freezing cold in the winter what’s it really like living on a boat? Boatshed spills the beans...

Shedding possessions and saving time
Have you noticed that owning so many possessions takes up time? You make space for them, tidy them away, set them up, clean, fix and replace them. The more things you own the more time you have to invest in them, so reducing your belongings will save you time.
This just simply leaves you more time to enjoy those strolls with the swans or tasting the local wines.

Keeping the mod cons
You’d be surprised at how many modern comforts are available on boats these days - everything from sound systems and showers to TVs and teleconferencing facilities are available on boats. Living on a boat doesn’t mean going back to the dark ages! You can even have a bath, microwave, dishwasher. From WiFi to washing machines and heating to hot is all now possible onboard.

Keeping warm and dry
Life on a boat is warm and dry and of course heating is available. Having lived on a boat for years we have a few tips for keeping your home dry too:

TIP 1) To reduce condensation can durn your dorades into the breeze (depending on how hard it’s blowing!) so that fresh air is always flowing into the boat.

TIP 2) Keeping a hatch open at one end of the boat and a gap at the washboard at the other end will ensure you have very little condensation problems.

TIP 3) Dehumidifiers are fantastic for combating condensation and in turn make the boat feel warmer as it’s less damp, but in the summer they are bulky to store when not in use.

Doing business
Boatshed’s founders, Neil and Mandy Chapman are proof that you can even run a
business when living on a boat. Mobile broadband is relatively simple to get hold of and If your boat has a permanent residential mooring with electric shoreline and a standard telephone line then your internet connection can be arranged the same way as it would be in a house.

Boatshed’s brokers can offer help and practical advice about ownership of a ‘live aboard’ boat.

Visit for more information and read blogs from people who live on boats themselves.